Friday, March 26, 2010

nowhere nowhere should know where

Spent the day in the city with my mom which mostly consisted of me watching her get her hair colored while cute boys kept walking by me leaving me to be stuck in my head chanting "please be straight" over & over again. Hey there's nothing wrong with a little bit of looking. ;) Thought I'd change up the scenery with some outside pics. Nothing special but was in the mood. It's cold today (such a tease with the 70 degree weather last wknd) so I stuck with my favorite gap sweater that I'm postive was wrongly placed in the women's section, topshop leggings and my combat boots.

I'm officially...kinda...on a spring break even though I don't go to school. Not complaining just excited for passover. I could live on matzah.
xx happy wknd


  1. Boys are such... annoying creatures. Why do we like them??????

    Also, your outfit is awesome. Black on black is an old but goodie. (:

    You don't go to school? Are you homeschooled then?

  2. Love the boots :) Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Haha there is truly nothing wrong with looking. Love tis picture, they leather goes perfectly together and because of that looks refined.

  4. Thanks for your comment! Nice pictures!


  5. awesome combat boots!!
    just what i need

  6. Nice outfit and pictures!
    Looks amazing

    xx Robine

  7. i totally love this photos of you
    you look so pretty here!