Monday, March 29, 2010

tell me when you hear my silence

It's a horrible rainy day in the city & extremely happy that the first sedar is at my house today which means I can be in sweats and a hoodie all day. Oh if you don't know what a sedar is it just means it's the first night of Passover, just another word for us to over indulge in food. Yum. But anyway was looking through some of my saved pics & these two really are some of my faves. I can't even begin to describe how elated I am with the fact that the joggers trend (aka sweats) is around. I want to be dressed like these two pics everyday. I've been living in my black pair whether to work with just a sweater or going to a bar with the girls paired with a tee, leather jacket and my favorite clog ankle boots. Which reminds me that I need a summer version of clogs. I'm just terrified of walking around in backless shoes. Backless + uncordinated is not such a great combo. But I adore these.
Hope you had a good wknd & if you celebrate passover like me...happy passover.


  1. I love this picture of the joggers trend! Don't think I could get away with it though...

    tweet tweet tweet


  2. Chic sweatpants...I have never seen something so amazing - love love! And rainy days...oh, I wish it were raining here!! :)

  3. love caroline (first 2 pics). I read her blog daily.
    ps. check out my blog:

  4. I don't celebrate passover, but I once went and it was really yummy and interesting. I probably could not work these pants, but they sure look wonderful.

  5. I love that second picture!
    been a favourite for a while now.
    and of course caroline looks perfect!

  6. gorgeous jacket on the second photo !