Sunday, March 7, 2010

Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much

The show isn't even over but I've been drooling over some of the dresses tonight that I felt an urge to post. Here's some of my top faves for Oscars 2010.I love that Cameron stuck to gold rather than vavavoom red. She looks stunning & her hair is totally new for her. Love.
I think it's impossible for Pene to get it wrong. This is how a nominee dresses.
Ok why are you here? But I'll give her credit for her phenom dress. Seriously the detail is beautiful. I still can't get over how much better she looks with uber dark hair.
Oh and like this is a surprise. Stewy is flawless in this Monique Lhuillier. And this is how a non-nominee dresses. (Get the memo JLo.) Yeah I know she can use some work on her posture but seriously girl is working this dress. And her hair! Yay finally a normal length for her to get a decent 'do out of it.
Hope everyone had a great wknd. Dyed my hair darker again (admit: slowly but surely becoming a hair dye adict) and saw Alice In Wonderland. My gosh what I would do to spend a day in Tim Burton's head. Definitely don't understand how it got a PG rating but ugh loved it! And come on Johnny Depp is brilliantly spooky. He actually frightened me in some of the scenes. Also did some shopping this wknd & spent plenty of time soaking up the 50 degree plus weather in nyc! Will post pics of some stuff soon. Back to the oscars.


  1. Yes! Nicole Richie actually does look good, I'll admit.
    You also haev to admit that Miley looks like a princess. Did you see her?! Ugh!

    TEE&FAME x

  2. ohhh these dresses...def the best of the bunch.

  3. oh i wanna see alice too
    cant wait maybe this weekend
    but yeah all this dresses that you picked are so good
    nicole looks amazing!

  4. Rachel McAdams & Cameron Diaz were my favorites that night!

  5. i agree with Carla Nicole looks amazing and i want to see Alice in wonderland too! maybe today! and for the enemies part, what if i cant forgive sometimes!!

  6. my bestie was there... he talked to johnny depp. i wanted to kill him. jealous.