Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i can see the secrets you don't show

What I wore to work yesterday. I bought these awesome baggy thin denim pants with an elastic wasitband and elastic at the ankles from h&m. Not really harem pants since they aren't a drop crotch. But they are uber comfortable and I loved them paired with my oversized gap black sweater. My mum said they looked like my grandma's pants. Hello, grandma had style. Wore the outfit with black ballet flats since it was another beautiful day in the city. An overall baggy outfit, what's not to love.

And YES!!! Got my new raybans today for an amazing price after searching every glasses store in manhattan & being told that no one carries them. They originally had clear lenses & couldn't be changed but today I got the call from a lovely girl that they are now with black lenses. If you can't tell from the pics, they are clear frames (except the top).
Hopefully the nyc weather keeps up this way. I was sent tickets to be in the audience for regis&kelly tomorrow. But ehh..sleep or be up at the crack of dawn? Hmmm. If rp was there...you know that's not even a question. ;)


  1. I have a really similar pair of stretch elastic waist/ankle jeans and yeah, sooo comfy :) loving the wicked raybans too - jealous!

  2. omg i need those!!
    i saw ones online and i dont rmember where
    similar to those
    but that ones that you got are perfect
    love your new pants too!!!

  3. You should take entire outfit posts - your outfit sounds very interesting but I can't see it. I would go to Regis & Kelly...could be an experience.

  4. Love the shades :) And those denim pants really do look comfortable!

  5. grandma's totally have style! i love those pants!!