Friday, November 27, 2009

When'd this just become a mortal home?

Happy thanksgiving everyone! Ate a lot and pretty much died after. First time in a long time it was held at my house with just the six of us and I really enjoyed it. Not having to get dressed and everyone eat in pj's is a perfect evening for me. As well as drinking bottled sangria with our own fresh cut fruit plus the fact that we catered in this huge dinner..doesn't get better. And now all I want to do is lay in bed all day long (which I've been doing anyway) and cuddle. Yet I'm also anxiously listening for the doorbell for a package I ordered from F21. Oh I wouldn't be caught dead attempting to shop on Black Friday. Sorry no sale is worth the beating I'd have to hash out to all the crazy hyperactive shoppers. Bed and browsing online is way more fulfilling. Yet dangerous since there are plenty of BF sales online too. So far I've been going through my favorites and there are defnitely good deals that you should check out.
Chickdowntown, BoutiqueToYou, and Singer22.



  1. Favorite shot of both Mr.Depp and Miss Moss, they are unstopable!
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  2. aye girl, i didnt even go shopping i still want to
    but yeah my turkey was ok , i wanted something else like sushi hahhah

    hope you had a cool thanksgiving too!!