Monday, November 23, 2009

Lady In Red

Had my uncle's wedding this weekend which wa sbasically my first wedding unless you include my aunt's wedding when I was one (exactly to the was on my first bday..yea obviously my mom wasn't too thrilled about that.) It was Jewish ceremony at a beautiful temple in the city. They actually had an orthodox ceremony which was not what they wanted but when does anything go exactly according to plan? Yea never. This was the second wedding for my uncle and my new aunt and we're very happy to have her join the family. She had told me about her dress beforehand but watching her walk down the aisle took everyone's breath away because she hadn't told anyone her dress was RED! It was unreal, stunning, gorgeous. The reception then took palce across the street at an empty townhouse and I literally have no words to describe how beautiful it was. Definitely did not take as many (or decent) pictures as I wanted to because I did have several (or more) glass of wine. My dad by the end of the night asked me how come I'm not normally this flirtatious in real life? I was like umm dad I'm talking to my new cousins now I am not being flirtatious! Haha thanks dad.

First off a little cake. So pretty.

Groom and bride giving toasts. They were thanking everyone because instead of doing gifts, the guests all donated to my uncle's cancer research organization that he developed at his hospital. They actually met because a woman wrote a book about my uncle's work with cancer research and and the author of the book introduced them.
The cutest little cousin in the world and future baseball star!

Yeah my sister thinking she's cool doing the sprinkler.
The fam! we call ourselves the Addam's family because we're always the ones in black. Well my big sister decided to stray from our normal attire and opted for green. Of course my and my little stuck to black. ;)
The cutest picture of the night. Everyone doing the hoorah!
Hope everyone had a good weekend!


  1. waow what is made of the cake??
    Xx comment back

  2. That cake looks stunning!!

    And it seems it was all so much fun and joy. Congrats to the happy couple<3

  3. hahha thats awesome, i want a piece of that cake
    i wouldve been like yes dad im always like that when i drink wine hahah
    im kidding
    you guys look fantastic!

  4. Sounds amazing, I adore weddings everyone is so pretty and nice!
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  5. The cake is so damn amazing <3