Monday, November 2, 2009


Thought I'd share some halloween pics. (These were stolen from bff eseegs bc I'm too lazy to charge my camera and see what lurks there.) So out of all the years I've been spending halloween in the city it has always been warm and nice and finally when all my bffs graduate school and are home halloween it poured like a mother effer. Whatever we stilled managed to have an amazing time. Started the night off hanging at bff Marley's house. Drank a little and of course took part in some prom-esq pics showing off our costumes.

Clearly we were enjoying ourselves.

Sorry guys but I'm gonna have to go with the foodie diaries with best costume of the hamburglar. And I'm proud to say I made her mask and cape! But we def all looked cute with seegs as the biker chick, me a yankee (go yanks let's win it tn), akon as some version of a masquerader (ie wearing your mask on your head & wearing pretty yet whory fishnet thigh ya), hamburglar and marls as an indian.

We took it to the streets of the village where I cannot even begin to tell you how many people were chanting yankees everytime I walked by. Gotta love ny. Definitely fun spotting a Ronald McDonald. He found his perfect match in the hamburglar. Saw one balloon boy, a pink taco and a guy dressed as a very LARGE vagina. Yea that picture is somewhere. So with the ick weather and all...had a great night with the bffs although I did fall over a police barrier and have the bruises as souveniers yet luckily not one of my friends remembers it..hmmm wonder why? ;)



  1. Looks like you had an awesome time during halloween:)

    And your costume is great ! And you fell down,hope you okay though <3

  2. aaaw love the hamburgular outfit!! would be even better if she gave out free hamburgers... ;)


  3. hahha all of you guys look awesome!!
    lots of fun, i can tell!!