Thursday, November 5, 2009

kitty kitty

Diggin' this pic. It's an ad for LnA on the one and only Singer. LnA definitely makes cool tee shirts and tries to stretch the basic tee idea. I'm such a tee girl. I live in leggings and tee shirts and when it's chilly just throw on a sweater. Good to go. Definitely a no fuss kinda girl. And seriously paired with those lace leggings, the outfit is so cool without really trying. Which is kind of my go to thing right now. I've been so busy with school slash the internship as well, I haven't really been focused on putting together outfits. I swear my life revolves around leggings and picking out a new sweater and just adding some boots and jewelry. Eh I'm really not complaining.

And I definitely cannot be complaing because woohoo Yankees won the World Series!!! Finally!! 27 baby. Huge Yankee fan here (obviously! I did dress up as one for halloween) so my house was basically filled with cheers once the 9th inning was dunzo. Officially finished my last test today so hopefully more blogging soon.



  1. ah, this girl looks so catty hahhah
    leggings are the most easeist thing to wear i think , your right you can just pair them with different shirts or tunics and boots and have a killer outfit.
    i only have one pair of leggings, i need to buy more.
    you should put more outfit photos of you!!

  2. I really love love her mask and those lace tights ! beautiful :)

  3. Love the leggings and sweater look I have been rocking it too!

  4. aaw love that photo! i am so with you, i love having easy outfits to pick from so that you can have an extra five minutes in bed ;)


  5. i want also a mask (:

    great blog.
    check out:

    xx cody

  6. Just got back into living in leggings and don't know how I managed to not for so long. These lace ones are stellar

  7. Love this picture! Yay for the Yankees! I'm also a fan and wished I was back east so I could have made it to the parade.

    xo, Becs