Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Moon Fashion

I won't even go into the whole know by now I love "it". Not ashamed. Moving on. Now that the film finally comes out in theaters next week, there's been a ton of international press and red carpets. And of course this means, tons of fashion. Taylor Lautner aka Jacob sure knows how to pick a suit but that's it. Not much fun to his wardrobe but definitely cleans up nice I'll give him that much. (I guess I'm just hardcore Team Edward.) Of course RP looks sloppy most of the time but that is just his appeal (well to me at least). I find it way hotter to see a man comfortable in his outfit than all stuffy. But the main focus has to be KStew's many dresses (aside from oggling RP's mug of course).

Trio in Paris. Definitely favorite here. This J Mendel dress is absolutely angelic and really looks great with her pale skin. I even really like the harsh contrast between the cream and her jet black 'do.

Here's the trio at a London event with stewy wearing a Proenza Schouler Hemp Linen Dress. She's been getting a lot of flack for it and to be honest I don't like it either. I saw what this dress looked like on the runway and that's exactly where it was meant to be and stay. Granted her legs look phenom and really...who's looking at her anyway with RP there? ;)

Next stop: Madrid Fan Event. Stewy's rocking a gorg Balenciaga and not to mention those hot booties. I think the dress paired with the black hair is badass. Win.

Madrid Press Conference: Hello blood red pumps! I think this might win my fave look so far. The Elizabeth and James leather bustier dress is out of this world and wish I could get my hands on it.
This is a QandA in Mexico. She actually paired the jeans with black Vans..very cool and casual. Also her hair looks great pinned back rather than mullet/awkward growing out length style.

And lastly, stewy at a photocall. Love this dress. Have not yet identified if you know it please let me know. Such a sophisticated look. Definitely a stretch from what she's normally photgraphed in.
Woo...that's a lot. And the LA premiere hasn't even happened yet nor have the NYC appearances. Oh and yep I heard there's some screenings going on in the city where the cast will attend. Hmmm.. ;)


  1. Ohhhhh my,its all going to start again !! I'm still of course strongly on Team Edward! Cheers to that:D

    And wow,so many events that have started on it already. heeee I love love Kirsten Steward in the Elizabeth and James outfit with those pumps. Ohhhhh my !

    Her hair has grown back so fast tooo

  2. omg i have to see at least one of these movies hahah
    i havent yet, it better be awesome

    she s looking much better these days!!!

  3. I love her in Balenciaga and the last dress..simple yet has a bit of an edge..I guess it really fits her bad ass attitude ;)

  4. They are a gorgeous trio, I'm excited for the movie!