Sunday, January 10, 2010

set me down in your warm arms

Hello hello obviously I'm the worst person to tell you have to be on bed rest because clearly I don't pay attention. Just wanted to thank you all for our sweet well wishes. I am doing great. I had surgery but don't fret it was totally elective but no I did not get my boobs done. I'm actually proud of what little I've got there ;) Oh like I said in the last post, my luck it would be that I'd get my shoes the day of my surgery and of course I did. Mommy dearest scolded me when I got home high on pain meds and still waking up from anesthesia and first thing I do was open up my package with my shoes. I love them. They're cool and edgy and just what I need. Better than any remedy. Can't wait to finally get out of the house though and wear them. Probably making my social debut next weekend for one of my best friends birthdays so pictures are to be expected! Plan on catching up on all of your blogs for the next few days until my big reveal doctor's visit Tues. Very excited to be back to normal. By the way if you're that curious I had a rhinoplasty procedure done and I am in no way ashamed of it. I've always been pro plastic surgery if done for the right reasons. I've really been lucky with a great doctor and had minimal bruising and swelling and pretty much stuck to tylenol, didn't even need to use the hard stuff! Worst parts are definitely sleeping bc I normally sleep on my stomach, head buried (so that's been hard to adjust to) and not being able to wash my face. I am a grease monster!

But all is well thank goodness. If anyone has had anything done or is considering it and would like to share..I'd love to hear it.



  1. haha shoes are always the best cure for anything! hope you recover quickly!

  2. aww man, hopefully you get better soon
    omg i want !!!!!!!
    those shoes are amazing!!!

  3. What did you exactly get done? Just wondering, the shoes do look fabulous!

  4. Thanks for sharing about your surgery- I'd want to get that done too :) Hope you have a speedy recovery and glad you're not bruising/swelling too much! I smiled when you said you're a grease monster- so am I! And love the shoes- they're going to look so cute with dresses/skirts! xo, Mel

  5. Glad to hear you're doing well. Those shoes are fabulous!

    Best wishes for the New Year!

    xo, Becs