Thursday, January 21, 2010

no one loves the nighttime at the door

Finally bought myself a semi decent plain striped tee. It's more of thin greyish stripes than black but it'll do until I find the perfect one. Sleeves are a bit awkward length so they look best rolled up. It's definitely a top I'll be comfy in with just plain black jeans. Even with my dirty hair and my FAVORITE topman hat covering it up. Which reminds me that I plan to cut my hair this weekend. No not a bob but definitely shorter. I was mortified to see some pics from this weekend where my hair looked like a sheep dog. It's finally reached the point where it's too long. Aiming go for something right at my shoulder and a bit a choppy with added layers.

Some of my hair inspirations. Old Kstew and A.O.



  1. oh how pretty , love this photos of you how the sunglight hits your face
    but yeah hahah im such a wimp, for me cold its 60degrees
    ive been to ny and i almost died of coldness hahha

  2. I always have hair envy when I see the olsen twins!

  3. love simple stripped tops :) such a great basic

  4. I got a similiar hair cut and really love it, way to go!

  5. Ohh love the photos ! Nice tee :) I wish my hair looks like them , my hair is a mess ! x) Have a nice weekend !