Thursday, January 28, 2010

in the morning i'll be with you

So a normal person, when sick, would be cuddled in bed watching re-runs of the OC. But I'm anything but normal. I decided to run to the mall. And even though I definitely ended up breaking a fever there because I was sweating hardcore by the time I left, I'm glad I went. After several unsuccessful trips I finally got some damn good pieces. An H&M oversized blazer, as well as oversized grey sweater. (Like I'd wear anything fitted.) Also a pair of H&M sweats that are tight at the bottom and I plan to roll them up and go for that whole "joggers" look with chunky heels (and pair them with a blazer as well). The whole wearing joggers as regular pants this season will definitely be all over FW. And I recently saw another blogger put the look together and fell in love. Oh and I got sick velvet leggings from f21. They're a size bigger than I'd normally go for leggings but I couldn't pass 'em up. Plus a huge chunky necklace from their that I saw on their website. It's look vintage in person which obviously I dig.
Hopefully I didn't kill my immune system even more by shopping while I'm sick. I get the point with my drippy nose..I'll stay in bed. For now.


  1. loveeeeeee the leggings!!! <3 <3

  2. wow i love shopping, is the best medicine :)

  3. i want the leggings! gonna get ones soon <333

  4. omg girl, that is the best thing to do when in sickness hahahah
    i wanna go to the mall too , i havnet been in years (not really) but i need to go too
    love all this stuff you have there!

    get better

  5. hhah thats what im talkingabout!!
    no amount of sickness can stop you! haha

  6. Haha shopping is the cure for anything ;) GREAT velvet leggings. Looking forward to outfit pics!

  7. yummy! loving the velvet!

  8. Velvet leggings are the shiz. x

  9. shopping is always good!
    nice finds!