Sunday, January 17, 2010

if it's not forever, if it's just tonight

Celebrated one of my best friend's 23rd birthday this weekend. We started friday with dinner at her house and her parents surprised her with a cake from The Cake Boss. We love Buddy. And damn that cake was delicious. I swear I have a permanent smile plastered on my face from her grandma telling us stories and cracking us all up. Actually hurts to move my mouth but so worth it. Last night we went to a bar? lounge? whatever the hell you call it these days. I attempted to recreate Christene Centenera's all grey outfit (in black of course). I suck at taking pictures out so I'm just posting some from my room. It really just looks like I'm wearing a tight mini and huge sweater which basically I am but the mini is a bandage skirt I got from H&M a few weeks. I love it. It does not stretch out and totally sucks everything in. My sweatshirt is just a plane Hanes pullover I got at target months ago for like five bucks. I was super comfortable and warm in it. And thank goodness it was warm out (yea a whole 45 degrees..we'll take what we can get here in nyc) so I opted out of wearing stockings and wore my new nine west boots.

Hope everyone has a good weekend..I'm officially a full time working girl now...(not the street walker kind) so taking advantage of down time.



  1. wow girl, this photos are so fun, love the sweater
    i know thats why i love target you can find so many awesome things for so cheap ,
    love the nine west shoes too!!

  2. haha love giant sweats/knits - you look fab :) i wish we had a target here!

  3. i know i want them so bad eventhough its so cold!

  4. Those shoes, omg i am dying over those shoes. AMazingggg :))

  5. Working girl. :)I adore bandage skirts but haven't managed to snag the right one yet, darn you make me jealous!

  6. Awwww good!!!! You went to Carlo's Bakery he did my cake as well im sure youve probably seen. I love Buddy too he's right by my job. He's very sweet and creative. Great guy keep watching Cake Boss! I asked him some questions too for an interview really nice guy. =) I love his cupcakes,cannolis, cakes, and strawberry tarts.

  7. Great look- I love oversized shirts with tight minis- creates the perfect balance! And yeah treasure your down time when you get it! :) xo, mel