Monday, January 4, 2010


I literally drool over this picture from the Jak&Jill blog. I want chunky platform knee highs and want to rock old school addidas kicks. But for now I'm going to have stick to some flannel pjs and comfy socks. I may have to go a little MIA for a few days depending on how I feel over the next few days. I said before in a post a while back that I have something big coming up. Well that big thing is tmrw and even though I'm excited, I'm extremely nervous as well and not looking forward to being on strict bed rest. But I know it'll be totally worth it and once I'm up to it will be back posting. =). (Not like I post everyday anyway..sooo) It's not that hard to figure out what's going on but just don't want to straigh out say it and advertise it. But I know I'll be keeping up with all of your blogs for some entertainment.


Oh and still have yet to receive my new boots which sucks. I'm sure they'll be here tmrw..perfect timing! JOKES!


  1. I always go over that site for some serious shoe porn :D

  2. omg that site is awesome yes!!!!!!
    what is it girl, now i wanna know what are you doing hahhah
    ok girl whatever it is have fun


    ps: waiting for stuff to get to your stepdoor gets me unpatient too

  3. I wish that my friends and my shoes collection looked like this!

  4. Those shoes are totally amazing ! Aww ! Good luck for the 'thing' haha !

  5. Bed rest?! Oh no, I hope you feel better dear! I agree with you on that picture - hawt!