Thursday, January 14, 2010

i touch the place where i'd find your face

Seriously obsessing over Christene Centenera (fashion editor for Harper's Australia) lately. These are just two of some of favorite pictures I've seen of her while stumbling upon someone else's blog. She literally is the epitome of easy and fresh style and I'm totally crushing right now. And am seriously considering chopping off some inches of my locks to get this look. I'm getting quite frustrated with my long mane. Anyway, I so want to emulate her style. I'd kill to look half as good wearing baggy pants and a tee and just throwing on a blazer and heels. Need to wear this to work as soon as it gets warmer. Love a fresh face. And the whole heather grey outfit...possibly stealing this look this weekend (but obviously in all black). I'm such a copycat..err inspired?
Thanks for the get well wishes! I have officially returned to the normal world and went to work today even though I just got the cast off on tues. I swear my doc has the lightest touch. Not a bruise on my face just a little swelling. If you didn't know my face, you'd never know. So I'm officially pleased and so happy I finally got to do this, which was done absolutely for ME!


  1. omg yes she has the most awesome wardrobe ever!!
    crazy about her!

  2. You didn't work for Stella? Why not? I would DIE to work for her!

  3. she always looks so fab! i'm dying over the pants in the first photo

  4. she has such cool style! glad everything went well with your surgery. :)

  5. Wow she looks great on those outfits ! x) Have a nice weekend !