Friday, September 11, 2009

I Like My Money Right Where I Can See It

...hanging in my closet. One of my fave SATC quotes. Got through the long and stressful press preview and therefore fashion week for me is dunzo. Was too exhausted from last nights madness of having to show the clients and then clean up the hotel room so I unfortunately didn't participate in Fashion's Night Out. Was gonna go to Saks to see J.Timb but been there done that so I opted out. A friend asked me to come to Lord & Taylor and write an article about what went on last night but again too tired. So yea I was a party pooper but did drink plenty of champagne with my bosses in our room in between clients. Btw I work for a fashion pr firm that focuses on up and coming accesories desginers. I don't work for a magazine, in case I might have confused you. I promise once I upload the pictures I took from the past two days I will post them here and show you guys what it was all about.

Anyway got these fabo boots. And most of you know by now I've been complaining that I want lace up boots. Well here these babies are and even though I haven't worn them yet, I love them and can't wait to play dress up. Oh and yup got them on Ebay. It was a buy it now or best offer and yea my mom's a serious pro on ebay and we got a great deal: a total of 25 bucks including the shipping.

And one day when I'm not lazy I'll start using my camera and not just my laptop. Thanks to you guys for commenting and keeping me calm during fashion week. It really helped. =) Have a good wknd!
Also today is a sad day in NYC. We will never forget all those people we lost 8 years ago today. I'll never forget where I was when I heard the news and not to mention the countless hours my family & I would stand by the bay & see where the beautiful skyline has changed. I even remember standing in my backyard and ashes flying all around my neighborhood. That's how close. Never Forget.


  1. omg girl, im jealous!! i want those hahah those boots were such a bargain, now in days those are freaken expensive.
    the boots are from urban outfitters,

    have fun during your weekend

  2. Sad day yesterday indeed. But glad you're week was well interesting!

  3. I can't wait to see the pictures!
    Your boots look awesome! I love them.