Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Long week and a fight with a certain someone isn't helping. But I'm glad you guys like the pics from the press preview. Been running around a lot and realized I need a new great comfy pair of flats. Taylor on RZP was wearing such cute loafers in Monday's episode, I wish I can get a pic. I never thought I could like loafers again. I used to make fun of my mom for buying JP TODS in every single color. But I guess mother knows best because she has them in every single color and they have lasted her for years and years. Well now I'm in need of a good loafer; trying to switch it up from the usual ballet flat (ugh they bore me).

I actually just tried these on the other, dumb me for not buying them. How cute are they? Forever21 has a cute pair too but they're patent leather which I'm ehh on. And while we're still on Bakers aren't these adorable too? I'm really loving the whole oxford english look these days. Will probably head back to the mall and pick them up.

Hope you're all having a good week...I'm anxiously waiting for a package from Forever. Taking too damn long.


  1. oh i need some as well. i think it was urban outfitters or nordstroms where i saw some really nice selections. not to mention really comfy!
    thanks for your kind comment, babee:)
    omfg. i cant believe you havn't tried chipoltle. you need to go. like now. and order a burrito bol. those are the best. trust me haha. i started going last year (after my bff took me) and ever since then im like AHHHH CHIPOLTLEEE :)

  2. hahha i love when ordering online takes a long time to come, but i get so exiceted.
    i love this flats, i actually saw the other some girl wearing silver ones , she told me she got them at jcpenney for 10 bucks, they were really cute and comfy.
    and they didnt even look like jcpenney material.


  3. I used to hate loafers but now I that I've gotten blisters from all my "comfortable" shoes I want a pair.

  4. I love loafers! They're so incredibly comfy. I really like the one pictured!
    I hate waiting for packages...They always seem to take forever to arrive!