Sunday, September 27, 2009

Don't Steal My Shine

Did some shopping this weekend. Got a few things that hopefully I'll get to wear soon including an oversized striped sweater from Zara which is just so comfy. I love. Also got these babies from Steve Madden yesterday. I spent the day in the city with my dad planning for just dinner and a movie (I know I'm really cool). I also made him come with me to Steve Madden because I wanted to return a pair of boots I bought. I liked the boots I bought but they weren't the original ones I intended to get so I was hoping going to a different location they would have them. Clearly they didn't, so I kept the boots and got these shoes. I swear my dad is the coolest bc as I was leaving the store kind of sad not finding the right boots he goes to me 'hey lex don't you need new flats?' Aw dad I taught you well. So yup ended up with these Tuxedo shoes that need desperate breaking in but can't wait to wear them with jeans and leggings.
The movie I saw was Surrogates (I'm a huge movie buff..used to be a film I'll see anything depsite bad reviews). Skip it. It was lame. Ugh I hate when people come up with great ideas and they just don't know what to do with them or when they translate bad on screen. Sucks. Anyway, although I had a pretty low key Saturday night, as my dad and I were walking out of the restaurant we heard the loudest smash. And as I look to my side an SUV hit a man running across the street. I almost threw up right there and bursted out crying. I saw cops eating in the diner next to the restaurant and started screaming for them to come out. Luckily they were EMS cops. The guy was definitely alive bc I saw him sit up but I was totally shaken up, I'll never forget that sound. My dad dragged me away after bc he saw how I was totally flipping out inside.
That was my half of the wknd so far. Hope the guy is ok. All I want to do is relax for the rest of this long wknd. I have a few more hours before I decide to fast for Yom Kippur and I'm kind of leaning towards an "errrr naa". So bad. Hope you guys are having a good wknd though. =)


  1. aye, so jealous you went to zara, im broke and those oxfords are brilliant.
    im gonna start wearing my soon too!!!
    love the sparkly ones though.
    hope your havin a fun weekend too!!!

  2. Thanks so much for your well wishes ! I'm back and feeling so much better already:)

    Those Steve Madden shoes are just perfect. Beautiful and would match almost any kind of outfit <3

    Ohhhh my,I really hope the man is okay. And it must be quite shocking to see it happen before your eyes.

  3. Oh god that must have been terrible to witness, uh i feel sick myself now!