Sunday, September 6, 2009

what comes after hate? H-NINE!

Haha..I love that joke (title) for some reason. Heard my cousin telling it to his son who's 8 and he goes dad that's not funny. Meanwhile I'm 21 laughing hysterically. Cool lex! Anyway been spending this weekend mainly soaking up the last of the sun. I guess this is the official last weekend of summer. Sucks even though I've been begging for some cooler weather but I'm quickly eating my words. Aside from tanning and spending time with the fam for the holiday wknd I made a bunch of these bracelets in minature sizes for my cousin. Her son's school is having their annual fundraiser and she thought it'd be a good idea if I made some bracelets for them. (Pre-k to 5th yea I call them teacup bracelets...hehe if you watch Trueblood you'll understand that reference.) My little cousins go to PS 8 so instead of my usual spiritual charms I made a whole bunch with the number "8". Hard to see in the pic but they are adorable.

Prepping this week with the office for our big press event for all the clients for fashion week. Instead of a fashion show because these are mainly accessories desginers, we have a suite rented where all the accessories will be displayed and editors will be walking in and out. So that means busy week. Hope everyone is having a good holiday wknd.



  1. love da bracelets. can you make me a 69 one?

  2. Those bracelets are so cute!
    Good luck with your busy week at the office!