Thursday, December 17, 2009

you know I got it

Officially done with school for good! Handed in my last final today. I guess now the real world begins. Scary yet exciting at the same time. Whatever I soooo will not get mushy and emo. Just wanted to share with you guys my new necklace that my favorite girls in the world aka the two fabulous girls I work for gave me for my birthday/graduation. I am in love! It's one of our clients's signature pieces with rhinestone chains and denim woven in. All of her pieces are so rocker and badass. She's definitely my new favorite jewelry designer. The girls knew how much I love her pieces since I'm usually oggling them and at our press preview during fashion week I was decked in her stuff. So now I have my very own. And if you guys are interested in it or any of her pieces (she's brand new and definitely on the rise) check it out at Charm and Chain. Most of her stuff is sold their and not to mention several of our other clients which also includes the owner of the site. Yea I'm totally pimping out the biz right now...



  1. congrats..the necklace looks nice on you :)

  2. Nice necklace! Made a new own myself too!
    X, fashionnerdic

  3. that looks awesome. love when people give me stuff haha
    no school so that means more posts yay!!

  4. Yay the school is over ! :) And what a lovely gift , nice necklace !

  5. Ah it's gorgeous, I will check out the website!