Monday, December 28, 2009

then i see you standing there

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. Like I said in my last post, my friends and I went matzo ballin'...haha. Definitely had a good time out except for coming home and noticing the drink some dude spilled on my was cranberry juice and left a pink streak down my back. Totally cool. Whatever it came out.

Anyway ordered these shoes from nine west. I saw them a few months ago but wasn't sure if I really liked them but they were ridiculously on sale on the website including free shipped so I couldn't resist. Can't wait till they get here.

Hope everyone got some great goodies!


  1. Cute shoes! I always hate when I see someone holding up a red drink over my head as they're passing by- always know they're going to spill on me somehow! Glad it came out! xo, Mel

  2. Grr, now I am considerinf buying them too - you're causing me to go broke!

  3. i love when things are coming to my doorstep , those are some cool shoes
    i wanna order stuff too , i got this giftcard from sephora and i look online and i want everything, i cant decide what i want.
    but yeah show us those booties when they get to you!!

  4. Ohh great boots ! Can't wait to see you wearing them x) I need boots !

  5. sweet purchase! I'm waiting on some boots in the mail too!