Monday, December 7, 2009

i'll be your queen

Ok I promised outfit post from this wknd..yea well if you saw what those pics looked like you would just make fun of me. But I definitely have an excuse for that. It was my big sister's birthday celebrations so a lot of vod was consumed. Vod + pictures equals not a good mix. But I had an amazing time and woke up the next morning with an amazing story that's probably not appropriate for this blog. ;) So since those pics were a bust I figured I'd show off my new scarf. I'm in love because it is just so damn comfy. It's from H&M and got it 50% off. It's like a big blanket around my neck...heaven.

Hope everyone had a good weekend as well!


  1. Ah, it looks like an amazingly comfy sweater scarf! Very jealous indeed....

  2. omg that looks really cozy i want one, i need to pay a visit to h&m i ha vent been there in along time
    i bet they have awesome things now.

    ahhah you shouldve just posted those photos
    keep yourself warm


  3. haha! its nice! and you look gorgeous!! nice pics!

  4. lexxx i think you should write your story hahaa jk...can't wait for your bday weekend and you look so pretty in these pics! i want this scarfff love youuu bff