Monday, December 14, 2009

i was lost then i was found...

Have I said how happy I am that my best friends graduated & are living home again? No? Well I am because they were home for the first time in four years for my birthday and it was definitely one of the best birthdays I've had in years. On my actual birthday I spent it with my family doing the usual: movies, birthday dinner, cake etc. The next day I spent at my sisters apt where she took my a sushi restaurant with unlimited saki and wine and what do you know all my closest friends surprised me there. Everyone who knows me knows I hate making a big deal of my birthday and never would have planned anything so they took it upon themselves. Yea that's me surprised up top with cupcakes and a big birthday cookie. We went to a few bars after and seriously nothing is better than spending the time with your best friends.

Back at my sisters apt goofing obviously. You can't really tell what I wore but it was an H&M striped mini skirt, black Zara tank and my Dana Buchman oversized black blazer.

We really love each other.

I'm in love with this picture and my best friends. Love you and everyone else that made my birthday extra special.


  1. Best friends make everything worth living, I might pick friends over family even sometimes.

  2. aww happy birthday! you guys all look great!

  3. aww happy birthday your too cute , you look so awesome love the stripe dress ive been looking for a one just like that.


  4. THATS AWESOME THATS THE WAY YOU CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY YOU MIX IT UP I DID THE SAME THING PUT A LITTLE KIDDIENESS, A LITTLE TEEN, AND THEN YOUR YOUNG ADULT LIFE INTO IT. I love the dress and the cookie idea was very sweet and thoughtful. Thats good you celebrated with your besties and family thats the most important thing. =) Happy Belated =) One of my besties bday coming up so shout to the Sagittarians!! Love your blog im following lolz=)

  5. Aww yay for everyone being back! Looks like a wonderful time. :)