Friday, December 4, 2009

i'll be your lover too

Extreme lack of updates lately. Sorry! I'm officially a college graduate as of next week so as you can guess I'm kind of swamped with work. Plus my big sister's birthday just passed so we had to do the whole dinner thing and she's having a party this weekend (brat..j/k). And when her birthday passes that means mine is next week...ick! Yea I'm not one for the whole birthday thing. I had my 21st last year so I'm kinda over it. Yup I am debbie downer in the flesh. hahah. But I have been having fun with all the online sales. Just received my Elizabeth & James Torn Deconstructed Tee (above pic) from Chickdowntown. And I got it for 40% off because of a Black Friday sale. Not bad. (Oh and they are still having a 40% off sale of the entire site.) They only had a large left and it's big. Alright it's huge but I love it and I probably could have made it myself but I really don't care. Oh and I have still yet to finish the DIY but I swear I will hopefully this weekend after my sister's bday party. Which means I need an outfit! I really want to wear my sister's sequin leggings, so now just need some ideas of what top to throw on with it. Was thinking a white oversized button down or maybe my vinatge harley davidson tee. Either way I want to do it with some edge and I would love your suggestions! So help and then I will definitely get in an outfit post next!



  1. ah girl, i wonder if you got more stuff!!
    i bet its huge i have one too mine is medium
    and its very very big hahahha on me too

    but looks really cool ha!

  2. i have been dying to try an elizabeth and james shirt. i'm glad to read a good review. i've been crazy-busy too, so i totally understand the lack of posts. congrats on your impending graduation!

  3. that top is SO fantastic and it looks so soft. lucky you for scoring one!

  4. oooh congrats on graduation! sweet tee. :)

  5. you should get bangs again then
    change it up a little bit
    i wanna get rid of mine well sometimes i do but then i always go back