Saturday, October 3, 2009


Yup girl crush still entact! Reading the article and seeing the latest pictures from Interview magazine on Kstew made me love her even more. Yea her attitude is badass and can seem quite annoying and possibly contrived but I dig it. Wish I could just go through my days with an attitude of not giving a shit but I'm the epitome of a worrier. I try to hide it but my mind is constantly racing. Probably one of the reasons I don't sleep well (coughcough brud) and another reason why I must have my nails polished. Don't get me wrong I love manicured nails but I used to never care until I started biting my nails to death and having them polished is the only way to keep me from biting. Biting should be left for other things ;)

Must whip out leopard print coat this fall.

Just gives me another reason why I want my hair black.

Just hot!


  1. you're such a perv. i just laughed so hard.

    ps i'm starting to read some of your readers' blogs. mad cute yo. i would still rather eat than play dress up though.

  2. PS-you know we're officially creepy blog friends when we haven't even spoken today and communicate via commenting...

  3. Wow, I do really like he rmore now...crushin~!

  4. i dont really dig her but i love love this spread of her , she looks awesome, not like herself hahhaha
    it was good for a change.

  5. I really dig her and love her as a person !! Really herself and not pretending to anyone else but her. That's really cool !

    And I love her in the 2nd photo !!!