Monday, October 26, 2009

Mmm F-ing Good

This weekend I decided to keep it mellow after last weekend's festivities. Friday night had a fun dinner with two of my girlfriends at a mexican restaurant that kinda became more of a lounger. Definitely not our scene but the guac was yummy and it ensured fun people watching (or rather just making fun of people...yea I'm still mean). Saturday was rain again so that left me having a movie day in bed which I will never complain about. Sunday the weather was absolutely gorgeous in the city so I gave my brudder a quick call and she agreed to accompany me to the local flea market that my friend's brother told me about. I'm not much of a Brooklyn person but I'm really glad I got to roam around the neighborhood. We literally discovered so many cool vintage shops. One which I put my name on some list to get invited to their Re-Opening Gala. And we also discovered the cutest garden, ie where I'm standing in the top picture.
I know I know flea markets are usually hit or miss and although I didn't really get anything I had so much fun browsing through all the clothes trying to find anything cool and rummaging through all the old records. I fell in love with one blazer with suede patched on the elbows but I was swimming in it. It was hard to part with. I did get the ring in the above picture however that is not my hand, that belongs to my brudder (we bought the same ring..umm friendship?). When asked about the two tone polish she said she was trying something. I busted out laughing especially since she specifically intended to only do her pointed finger and pinky in pink. I guess the rock on symbol huh?

After the flea market we were on the hunt for a quiet cafe. She in need of some coffee and me the two year old in need of hot chocolate preferably with marshmellows. Walking down some street we stopped at The V Spot, a vegan restaurant, where one of the waiters rushed out with a tray of food saying 'I guess you're waiting for the samples' haha umm yea..blushing. But damn those vegan empanadas were so yummy. Anyway we never ended up with our coffee and hot coco we were extremely picky for some reason. But overall it was a really fun day with my brudder and you should check out her blog to get her account of the day. I swear she's funny and you'll just drool over pics of her foodies.
Hope everyone had a good weekend


  1. holla that picture is so presh. just like my colorful chubby fingers ;)

    let's go back soon and try our best to fit in at the hippie coffee house. you can bring your hw and i'll just scribble things in a notebook and pretend to be studying.

  2. Love this pictures, btw i meant the alexander wang sweater top is at h&m!!

  3. Beautiful outfit and I love love the layering and those shoesss ! So gorgeous !

    And yeahhh a vampire,i'm excited ! hope I can pull it off though :)

  4. damn vegan empanadas, umm i usually dont like them but those sound so good!!
    your outfit is so awesome,
    i would totally wear this,and that hat i want!!!!

  5. ahah loooove the nail polish!im so copying that... :P

    flea markets are the shiz, and your outfit is so cute ;)