Friday, October 23, 2009

and i told you to be patient

Currently obsessing, thanks to TheFoodieDiaries, over Bon Iver. Especially the songs Skinny Love and Roslyn. The music is so mellow and relaxing; I can sit in bed all day listening. But would also prefer some of Foodie's baked goods to along with that. =)

Anyway been kind of slacking with posting. It was midterms week (which really has never bothered me before and doesn't now so I'm just kind of making up excuses) and work has been busy. And the weather in NYC has been playing tricks on me. One day it's freezing and then like yesterday it was 72 degrees. I also saw Paranormal Acitivity last night with the little sis and I never get scared in movies. I'll see anything and everything with no hope of being truly frightened but damn I literally jumped into my sister and may have shrieked a little. It's just so tense, I totally recommend it yet not right before you go to bed, that was my mistake.

Totally crushing on this Wang cardigan. Looks so comfy and cool. And is it weird I'm still crushing on the grey sweater (below) that was absolutely everywhere last season? Whatever I don't care. I like what I like.

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a good wknd. I promised myself to keep low this wknd which I fully intend to do with no problem. I'm a bonafide hermit and always will be!



  1. is 72 kinda hot?? in ny, when i went there it was so cold and i remember it was between the 70s
    omg girl, i dont know how you guys do it.
    i hate the cold
    anyways , yes more posting , we miss your postings, and im eyeing this sweater. gorgeous!!!

    ps: if i strecht would my legs grow ?? hahhaha

  2. Ah I remember how I used to be so in love wit that sweater :D

  3. I'm slacking at posts too, bad me. And that alexander wang sweater you like is at h&m!

  4. have a great weekend.. me too! i lack of posts.. :(