Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Only A Nibble

Need to sink my teeth into this sweatshirt asap! Sorry bad joke but yes Fangs are fantastic especially in the form of a comfy sweater such as this yummy Wildfox one from Singer22. I live in my smiley face sweatshirt from them. It's just so comfy and cheesy with all the faces but I love it. And hello a little over a month til New Moon comes out. Now does appreciation come any better than that? ;)...Well maybe I was considering ordering a pillowcase with EC's face on it. Ok no for real I did not I'm not that crazy. Only a little crazy. Sometimes I have to remember I'm not a teenager anymore. Ick! But seriously if you're into all the twi nonsense like I am you must check Death Cab For Cutie's new video Meet Me On The Equinox. Not only are the clips from NM to die for...I totally dig the song. It's mellow and not intense and definitely not cheesy. And most of you know I'm not the biggest music afficionado but trust me it's a chill song.


  1. Love love this bubblegum top !! So beautiful and hotttt :)

    Ohhh man we don't have target here :(

  2. i haven't heard that song but i hear bon iver is on the soundtrack!

  3. love your jacket the previous photo.

  4. hahha i know i remember you telling me about your music likes , but yes i have to admit i did watch the video and i like it
    i havent seen any new moon or whatever is called hahahhah
    i know im clueless when it comes to vampires=(

  5. The red lips are fierce!

  6. Someone a bit twilight obsessed? :)