Sunday, October 18, 2009

Spooky Town

Craving craving this awesome spiked leather (spotted on jak and jill). I don't know I've been having a tough time finding some cool things with spikes for me. I really want some sort of spiked bracelet. Oh well. My little sister actually just bought a gorgeous studded leather jacket from Zara. It is SO not her and I really stress that. She's the more straight laced sister but I was so proud seeing her wear it. Big sister's proud. Anyway had a very long weekend with several birthday parties and too much rain (too much vodka too but ehh). I know I for sure didn't take any pictures so wherever they are roaming around on my friends' cameras...let just say I'm scared =/. One of the birthdays was last night at the old Buddah Bar which consisted of sushi, champagne, tiaras, bedazzled jewelry and fake tattoos. Yes I still have a heart on my wrist and a "princess" on my arm. Shameful I know. Once those pictures surface I will post.

But did manage to get this lovely one from my bff aka my brudder aka The Foodie Diaries. Taken before she decided to take a little nap on the games table (awesome bar played jenga and was upset when I missed out on candyland). Yea I won't embarrass you too much brud. But let me mention that this isn't the first picture we have of my biting her face. I guess she's absolutely delicioso! ;)



  1. Those studs can seriously kill.

  2. wow this jacket is amazing with all those spikes.
    yes she is kinda boring ha hahha
    but i do love her, i think she should not do shows, she should just keep working on her collection!

  3. I adore both those pictures, they say so much!

  4. Ok that jacket...No words...*drools*

    You and your bestie are too it